“Typically my clients know exactly what they want, they just don’t realize it. It is my job as their designer to ask questions, collaborate with them, listen to their responses and then work my magic.”

IMAGINE coming home after a long day, walking through your door and feeling like you are entering back into yourself, reconnecting with who you are. The stresses of the day are washed away as you sink more deeply into yourself. You know that your home allows you to expand into your fullest potential. Your home has been designed with your well-being in mind. This is how I design for my clients. Their home functions perfectly for them. It provides them with whatever well-being they need.

When your home works for you, really gives you what you need: peace, relaxation, inspiration, creativity, connection, family, a place to feel safe, then your life flows more smoothly for you. When you breeze into your home and feel such joy upon entering, you then take that joy out with you the next day and share it. Let me tell you that joy is infectious!

“For me, interior design is about JOY.”

INTERIOR DESIGN is about so much more than a pretty house. I design interiors in which my clients feel comfortable and safe. This allows them to expand into their true being and fullest potential. When the space that you live in provides you with joy and comfort, you can relax more into your life. With relaxation, possibilities arise and that is when the true joy of being alive comes into play. When possibilities are available…..then watch out world here you come! This all links back to having a home that feeds your well-being.

“You will love your home so much that you look for reasons to stay in.”

MY ROLE in this unfolding is to act as a guide, to ask the right questions so as to ascertain exactly how you want to feel as you arrive home, what styles you love and what functions you need. Then I become an interpreter of those feelings…styles…functions and get to paint with color, light, texture, form and space so as to create the perfect home for you to expand into your highest potential.
-Lynle Ellis Hawkins-Struble